The Book that Started a Movement!

Unlock the strategies to thrive in today’s market – where building relationships and earning trust are the foundations of success.

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One of The Most Best Sales Books I've Ever Read!

Every Sales Professional Must Read & Implement Everything in This Book! Thank You Larry for writing this book. It's very obvious that you poured out your heart and your knowledge here. I almost didn't read it and that would have been a tragedy. Why didn't I want to read it? Because I'm "Mr. Sell From The Heart" In my mind I didn't need help here because I already do it. I was wrong. I learned a lot and I almost cheated myself and more importantly my clients from the best version of myself that I can be. If you are in Sales you owe to yourself, your clients and all you hold dear to get this book and implement everything in it! Thank me later.

Pete Primeau

Life and Business Changing!

Larry Levine and his genius that is Selling From the Heart should be the top of your sales career library! Taking this content to heart (pun intended) and putting it into practice will make you more successful, but more importantly, it will leave you FULFILLED AND HAPPY! Finding peace in your sales career means more than anything and Larry Levine and Selling From the Heart is the go-to book for that!

Steele Lightfoot

Everyone in sales needs this book! Life Changing!

Larry Levine's Selling From the Heart is incredible! All sales professionals must read (or listen) to this book. Prior to listening to Selling From the Heart, I thought that I was my authentic self in my sales career. However, Larry takes it a step further and I found this book extremely beneficial. I also recommend the Selling from the Heart podcast!


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Top 100 Sales Book by Book Authority

Over 200 Reviews on Amazon

What's In the Book

Section 1: Finding Your Authentic You

Chapter 1: I Finally Found the Real Me

Chapter 2: Brutal Honesty. It’s The Only Way

Chapter 3: Validating Your New Identity

Chapter 4: The Hard Work Mindset

Section 2: The Sales Skills of An Authentic Sales Professional

Chapter 5: What Consistent Prospecting Looks Like

Chapter 6: Servant Led Sales Leadership

Chapter 7: Taking Care of Your Current Clients

Chapter 8: Consistent Education

Chapter 9: Content That Creates Conversations

Chapter 10: No More Empty Suits

Special Bonus

Secure your free autographed copy of the book and unlock the Selling From The Heart Self Reflection Journal – allowing you to access insights, instantly.

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A true Selling From the Heart Sales Professional isn’t afraid of hard work. They’re also not afraid of the HEART work.

I’ve designed this journal to help you uncover who you really are as a sales professional so that you can maximize both your results and your enjoyment of our amazing profession called sales.

Each chapter includes a chapter summary along with some guided questions for self-reflection. I encourage you to block off some quiet time during and evening or weekend morning to really dive into these questions. I’m confident this will improve your career!


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