Jackie Joy


Certified Selling From the Heart Executive Coach and Sales Trainer

I help sales professionals and teams 3X their sales results by developing skills to build trust.

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Jackie Joy is an inspiring coach and trainer with the Selling from the Heart movement. 

Her vision is to transform the current sales culture into a community of trust, authenticity, and credibility. She inspires professionals to raise the bar and dismantle the beliefs and the perception of the sales profession today.

Her unstoppable passion for sales started at the age of 12 when she mustered the courage to rally the neighborhood kids to join a paper route.  Jackie followed her instinct to pursue a career in sales and found absolute fulfillment in the freedom and independence it offered.

Jackies has honed her leadership and sales abilities and found her true calling.  As an experienced sales professional, Jackie understands the nuances and complexity of successful selling. Through her coaching, individuals and teams gain clarity on their best approach to connecting with prospects and engaging in meaningful dialogue. She helps her clients identify how to communicate with authenticity and build sustainable relationships without sacrificing quality of conversation or integrity. 

With the love and passion for sales transformation, human psychology, and continuous learning, Jackie’s strong skillset equips others to discover their inner passion, bring trust to the forefront, and overcome the fears that hold them back from achieving their  goals,  Jackie has helped numerous sales professionals find their path to successful career growth in the sales industry! 




I believe that success happens when I contribute to a greater cause.



HOW I bring my WHY to life is by seeking information and knowledge



Ultimately WHAT I bring is a trusting relationship where others can count on me.

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Does This Sound Like You?


  • Self-Confidence

    Unleashing your full potential starts with confidence; whether you’re looking to achieve career advancement, pursue a new field of work or enhance personal fulfilment. By investing in yourself and believing that anything is possible – the sky really can be the limit!

  • Lose the Fear, Be Unstoppable

    Facing fears can be a challenge for sales professionals, but overcoming them is essential to succeeding in the business world. Taking on challenges and facing obstacles head-on enables individuals to reach great heights of success.

  • Improve Sales Performance

    Unlock your potential and take advantage of untapped sales opportunities. Set yourself up for success by fostering an atmosphere of trust that will drive performance and lead to greater growth!


  • Drive Team Sales Performance

    Increase your profitability by optimizing sales performance. Leverage the power of trust to capitalize on strategic opportunities and maximize success!

  • Set Priorities & Execute

    Being an effective sales leader starts with getting your priorities in order. We can help you maximize the efficiency of your time, giving you a clear plan to focus on what matters most and succeed as a leader.

  • Sales Team Retention

    Effective communication is essential for any group of individuals to work harmoniously together towards a common goal. To ensure that an organization can maintain its talented staff, leaders should evaluate and strengthen their own ability to communicate clearly with others.

Working with Jackie Joy has been an unquestionable game-changer for me. She is much more than just a coach; she's been my accountability partner and motivator, helping me to focus on the tasks at hand while managing excuses and unproductive behaviors. For those who are struggling to get motivated again - I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

Michelle Owens

Impact Staffing Solutions

Working with Jackie has been transformational! Jackie has been an amazing asset to my development and has made long lasting results in our short time together. Through our coaching, she has been monumental in my journey from a sales professional to a sales leader. She is constantly challenging me to go outside my comfort zone and make improvements in my personal and professional life. Jackie has renewed my faith in sales coaching!

Kristen Scudieri

Stratos Consulting

Jackie Joy is one of the most inspirational and authentic people I know. She lives her life in a congruent
manner. What you see is what you get. Her walk matches her talk. I’ve known Jackie personally since
2020. She genuinely cares about people and their well-being. Her positive attitude and energy are
infectious. Jackie is a true servant leader and is passionate about simply being of service to others. I
would strongly recommend her as coach. She’s helped me greatly.

Dave Tegmeyer

Pratt Visual Solutions

Jackie will challenge you and I love it! 
“She is very smart, intuitive, real, and authentic with her coaching style. Once you declare what you are putting at stake, she holds you accountable and challenges you to reach new levels with a mindset you never thought possible.” 

Brian Kelm

Brian Kelm Productions

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